Why the future Is Bright for the World's Poorest Farmers

By Bill Gates
 January 20, 2016

One thing I’ve learned in my work with Microsoft is that the process of innovation tends to take longer than many people expect, but it also tends to be more revolutionary than they im  

Farming systems that 'Save and Grow'

What does sustainable crop production intensification ‘look like’?
Maize, rice and wheat are fundamental to world food security. We must safeguard production in the world’s grain belts and rice bowls, and increase yields in  

Julie Packard: Shaping a bright future for bluefin tunas

From Jan. 18-20, Monterey Bay Aquarium and Stanford University are convening the world’s leading bluefin tuna researchers, policymakers and stakeholders for the Bluefin Futures Symposium in Monterey. Using the power of its global expertise a  

Australia�s farming future: doing more with less water

7 June 2013, 6.42am AEST

John Passioura 

Honorary Research Fellow at CSIRO

Changing climate, drought and urban expansion 

Organic farming techniques are closing gap on conventional yields

15 December 2014, 5.20pm AEDT

Lauren C. Ponisio

Doctoral candidate in Conservation Biology at University of California, Berkeley

The unintended con  

How to feed 9 billion people

SELF-SUFFICIENCY is considered key to sustainably feeding growing populations, but scratch the surface and it doesn’t really stack up.

Global meat consumption is forecast to almost double by 2050, when there will be a projected 9.1 b  

Bangladesh tackles climate change by fusing rice paddies with fis

Integrating coastal aquaculture with wet rice farming could boost Bangladesh\'s food security and combat climate change

By combining aquaculture with 

Fish farming is answer to increasing global meat demands, says re

The world needs to farm more fish and algae to meet the world\'s growing demand for animal products, according to 

Farming could be key to solving youth unemployment in Africa

Sub-Saharan Africa has the world\'s youngest and fastest growing population. With enough support from African leaders, agricultural initiatives will boost employment and the economy.

Dryland Agriculture

By: Dr. Arvind Singh            Posted Date: 8/6/2012 3:17:32 AM


What is Dryland Agricultu  

Six innovations revolutionizing farming

Agricultural production has tripled in half a century. To find out how, we crowdsourced new technology in smallholder farming.


In 1798, economist Thomas Malthus predicted that the world would exceed its food  

Bhutan set to plough lone furrow as world\\\'s first wholly organ

By shunning all but organic farming techniques, the Himalayan state will cement its status as a paradigm of sustainability.

Bhutan plans to becom  

Organic farming � India\'s future perfect?

A budding interest in organic food offers farmers soaring incomes and higher yields, but critics say it\'s not the answer to India\'s fast-rising food demands.

India\'s struggling farmers are starting to profit from a budding interest in o  

Tech entrepreneurs set their sights on urban farming

In the workshop of clean technology startup incubator Greentown Labs outside of Boston, there’s a piece of equipment you woul  

Wasteland Development in India

By: Dr. Arvind Singh       Posted Date: 9/28/2012        11:50:27 PM


What is W  

Agro forestry: An Integrated System of Land Use

By: Dr. Arvind Singh         Posted Date: 9/27/2012      8:55:36 AM



Drop in global malnutrition depends on agricultural productivity,


May 29, 2014


Purdue University


Global malnutrition could fall 84 percent by the year 2050 as incomes in de  

GMOs, chemical agriculture release billions of tons of carbon int

Tuesday, May 13, 2014 by: Jonathan Benson, staff writer
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Organic tomatoes accumulate more vitamin C, sugars than conventio

Date: February 20, 2013

Source: Public Library of Science


Tomatoes grown on organic farms accumulate higher concentrations of sugars, vi  

Agriculture in a Changing World

by Karen Rybold-Chin, originally published by On the Earth Productions  | FEB 28, 2  

Fruit that kills Diabetes

The relationship between plants and man has grown distant in the modern era of chemical treatments. Instead of observing, listening and understanding the language of his crops, man has instead resorted to spraying them with pesticides, suppr  

Thane RTO registers high number of agricultural vehicles

THANE: High numbers of agricultural vehicles have been registered in Thane this fiscal according to data revealed by the Thane Regional Transport Office (RTO). Though in comparison, the numbers may be low, but the proportion of these vehicles