B is for Borlaug an A to Z Series about Agriculture

Wow. I’m already having a really tough time picking out which word to go with even though I limited myself to agricultural words. The leading candidates for today were:

  • Bales! I have to love that Eileen Crosby went for the sentimental favorite highlighting my love of cotton & the way it is packaged for transportation and storage.
  • Bacon is a word that can garner all sorts of support!
  • I was thinking about bees because we all need those pollinators but we tend to overlook them.
  • Tracey Sullivan suggested bushel — the unit of measurement for so many crops.

Norman Borlaug in 1964, scoring wheat plants for rust resistance in wheat breeding plots near Ciudad Obregón, Sonora, northern Mexico, at what is now CIMMYT’s CENEB station (Campo Experimental Norman E. Borlaug, or The Norman E. Borlaug Experiment Station).
Photo credit: CIMMYT via Flickr

But I decided I had to go with Borlaug. Norman Borlaug to be exact though in agricultural circles we rarely feel the need to explain more. It’s a name that many don’t know but there are many who hold high in the highest regard.