Organic Farming Consultancy

Organic Farming

We conduct training camp for the farmers to train them properly so that they can start eco friendly organic farming.

Training For Field Farming:

  1. Production of organic fertilizer
  2. Production of organic pesticide
  3. Production of organic seeds
  4. Organic and Ecological farming procedure
  5. Increase the organic production using some techniques
  6. Help farmer to become self efficient
  7. Help farmers to sell their products at profitable price

We do the following Services for aquaculture:

  1. We prepare project for any level aquaculture
  2. We do green auditing for pond, lake any reservoirs
  3. We analyze water and Soil chemical and suggest correction measure
  4. We suggest fish pathological measures
  5. We suggest alternative aquaculture
  6. We supervise organic aquaculture

Farmers' benefits:

  1. Farming cost reduction from the upcoming year. After 3 years, the cost will be reduced by 30 to 40 percent
  2. More earning on selling organic and eco friendly products
  3. You can produce your own organic seed, fertilizer and pesticide
  4. Better health condition due to avoiding inorganic pesticide and fertilizer
  5. Help to create ecological balance

Rooftop Organic Farming

XeFarm will setup and teach you to do Organic Farming on your Rooftop. We have taken initiative to create a better environment in urban area which are mostly suffering from pollution and lacking better living conditions. Our aim is to help urban population to have healthy organic vegetables which they can grow in their rooftop by using our simple and cost effective solutions.

Benefits of Rooftop Organic Farming:

  1. Easy way to stay away from Pesticides and many Harmful Chemicals
  2. Rooftop Farming potentially contributes to a decrease in Biodegradable Waste
  3. Improve health condition
  4. Having regular contact with nature and green spaces in urban areas can help to keep you mentally healthy and aid with your overall happiness
  5. Improved air quality
  6. Heat Control: Plants are able to cool down entire cities, reducing the heat effect
  7. Energy efficiency: Rooftop Farming can retain heat in winter and keeping temperatures cool in summer
  8. The combination of soil and plants can help to absorb, reflect, or deflect sound waves, providing the building with excellent noise reduction, particularly for low frequency sounds
  9. Rooftop gardens can also be a perfect habitat for many birds, and act as a stopover for migrating species